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What does SOS really mean? Not an acronym.

Have you ever seen in the movies, someone's stranded on an island with not mush food and water so he decides to wait and think of what to do next, until he suddenly See's a plane flying towards him, so he decides to grab a stick and writes in big capital letters SOS. Have you? Maybe so, but do you know the meaning of the word SOS well you'll at list understand by the end.

SOS is a Morse code distress signal (▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄), used internationally, that was originally established for maritime use.

Although SOS officially is just a distinctive Morse code sequence that is not an abbreviation for anything, in popular usage it is associated with phrases such as "Save Our Souls" and "Save Our Ship". Moreover, due to its high profile use in emergencies, the phrase "SOS" has entered general usage to informally indicate a crisis or the need for action.

SOS originated in german government maritime radio regulations adopted effective 1 April 1905. 

SOS is still recognized as a standard distress signal that may be used with any signaling method.[5] It has been used as a visual distress signal, consisting of three short/three long/three short flashes of light, such as from a survival mirror. In some cases the individual letters "S O S" have been spelled out, for example, stamped in a snowbank or formed out of logs on a beach. The fact that "S O S" can be read right side up as well as upside down (as an ambigram) is an advantage for visual recognition.

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SOS Save Our Souls


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