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Forget Burj Khalifa, Dubai has made history again [PHOTOS]

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It holds beautiful and fascinating buildings that makes people from all walks of life from around the world troop into the Arab heaven every day making it one of the topmost tourist destinations in the world amounting to billions of dollars in tourist revenue every day.

The luxury and affluence that oozes out of this beautiful state in the UAE is still a wonder to many.

Dubai is known for state of the art buildings like the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Al Khalifa (which is the tallest building in the world) and the likes of them.

The Dubai Iconic Mosque

The Dubai Iconic Mosque is one of the latest projects completed by the government of the UAE. The Dubai Pearl, as it is fondly called, is unarguably the most beautiful and serene mosque in the world as confirmed by renowned architects LYX Arkitekter who designed and constructed this beautiful edifice. Its flawless design and components tranverse through different elements of culture and religion and putting into consideration architectural standards of international quality.

This magnificent beauty is inspired by the pearl and shell which were a way of life of old age Dubai. It symbolizes culture and riches and also simplicity.

This project sits on a whopping land mass of 10,000 square metres and it can accommodate over 7,500 worshippers at once. It also consists of relaxation centres, sporting complexes, residential blocks, ablution spots, large parking spaces and state of the art facilities.

The vision of the mosque is "to blend the tradition and culture of the people and the Islamic symbol of peace into a modern-day structure".

This was achieved using three elements: the shell shape which formed the eight entrances, the pearl which forms the dome and the skylight and finally the minaret which is expertly placed on the tower vanishing towards the sky with Arabic writings beside and around it sending messages of peace and love to all and sundry with its surrounding Dubai creek having an ambience of tranquility and serenity for all worshippers.

If this building was in Nigeria, where would it have been situated?

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section.

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