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14 things Pastor Chris Okotie uses not scriptural

Pastor Chris Okotie, after a long time away from the lime light spoke of many issue,among them the holding of services online, which he said it's unscriptural, the Pastor and founder Household of God International Ministries delivered a Covid-19 message explaining, God isn't interested in computers but prefers an assembly of his people, but I will like to point some things, to Pastor Chris that is unscriptural but he is making use of them, these are:

   1. Making use of online payment to collect tithes

 2. Website for church portal

 3. The use of microphones and sound systems

 4. The use of vehicles for his ministries

 5. Air-conditioning and fans for cooling 

 6. Television 

 7. Telephones 

  8. When traveling you take a flight (airplane)

  9. Computers ( mostly Microsoft Windows made by Bill Gates)

 10. Refrigerator for preservation of food

  11. Microwave for heating of food

  13. Washing machine for washing 

  14. Pressing iron for pressing clothes

  Please add to the list of things Unscriptural but Pastor Chris is making use...

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