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Tips on Packing for a Vacation

Vacations are fun. You get to travel around and see the world. The problem with touring the world though, is that people and places differ. And one of the most diverse things is the climate or weather of a place within a time of the year.

Your luggage will be different if you're going to Paris than if you were going to Dubai. Here are some packing tips for looking good on your vacation

Laws of the land: What are the laws of the country you're going to? Are their dressing styles different from yours? These are the questions you have to ask. In a country in the Middle East, carrying a bikini would not be advisable. Also, in a nation where short skirts are not allowed, wisdom directs that you choose wisely.


Weather and climate: The season of the place you're visiting is important. Visiting in the summer requires summer clothes and vice versa for winter. To save luggage space, consider the season and pack in accordance.

Clothes for the Climate - The New York Times

Climate: Also look at the climate. If it is a tropical climate, you have to take lighter clothes because of the heat. If it is a cold climate like the tundra, you would need your winter coats.

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