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Instead of dispensing water this fountain dispenses red wine 24/7 for people to drink free of charge

Water Fountains are usually constructed in a residential building, hotel or a resort as a form of a landscape to beautify the environment.

Fountains are a really beautiful site to behold especially if it has some abstract designs and all.

Water Fountains can be found in all countries of the world even in the Middle East, and Nigeria also has such beautiful water fountains almost in all her 36 states both in private and public properties. But this very fountain in Italy caught the attention of the world.

There's a place in Rome in the city of ortona to be precise where a fountain of red wine has been installed, where anyone could go there and have their fill of red wine.

in as much as the Italian wine fountain is not the first of its Kind in the world, it is the most recent and most publicised wine fountain today.

It may interest you to know that, an Italian town now has a 24/7 fountain that dispenses red wine instead of water and it doesn't cost a dime to take from it and drink.

After a careful research I discovered that Italy has thousands of water fountain, Rome alone boasts of over 2000 public water fountains, which pump out water for all. But Ortona’s free-flowing wine gives another meaning to public refreshment. Isn't that Awesome.

The fountain was installed in Ortona, Abruzzo, an Italian town in Rome that's known for its red wine grapes. The People of that region are known to have been making wine in the region since the 16th century BC.

the wine fountain came out of a collaboration by a winemaker known as Vini and an organization that promotes a popular pilgrimage route called the "Way of St. Thomas."

Italy isn’t the only place that has served wine for free 24/7 from a fountain. In Spain, there's also a wine fountain (also serving red wine) to pilgrims on another religious path.

source: Smithsonian magazine

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