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Opinion: Nigeria At 60 Yet Our Roads Are Terrible, Rainfall Has Made Ajaokuta Roads Unpassable (Photos)

Nigeria is one of the most populous nation in the world, and the most populous in the whole of Africa. Nigeria is a West African country which in the past claimed the title "Giant of Africa". But with the way things are now I can surely say that the giant of Africa claim can only be reasonable when we're claiming to be the most populous nation in Africa, and not the most developed or richest.

Talking about development one of the most glaring and heart wrecking things in Nigeria is our road. This post is about a personal experience I had today while traveling Ajaokuta road. After the heavy down pour in kogi state yesterday I decided to travel today, the worse decision of my life, I have been stuck in traffic since morning, and I'm writing this article from inside a car in held up in, what kind of future do we have as a nation, if a state that has a steel company can't even have good roads?

See photos below;

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