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10 Weird Building Structures On Earth You Never Knew They Exist.

1. The Basket Building

This building is situated in Ohio, USA. The building create the illusion of an actual basket with woven patterns. The architectural design was created by Dave Longerberge. It houses the head quarters of Longerberger basket company. Due to its exclusive basket shape, it turned into one of the most prime tourist attraction point of the city.

2. Habits 67

The building was constructed by the Israeli designer and architect, Moshe Safdie on a challenging mission of building an imaginary city made up of over 50 buildings.

3. The Gravity-Defying Szymbark House

The building was designed by Daniel Gapriewski, located in Poland. It serve as the major tourist spot in Poland.

4. Ren Building, China

This attractive design was a project propose for a hotel, sport and conference center by the Copenhagen's Bjarke Ingels group (BIG). The building was visualize as two buildings blending into one.

5. Cybertecture Egg Office Building

The egg shaped building is design by a firm best in Hong kong, China. It is the most exclusive building in the city with innovative technologies where alot of tourist visits on daily basis.

6. Bubble Palace

The building was designed by the Hungarian architect Antti Lovag. Bubble Palace is a huge residents in France which covers about 1200 square meters land.

7. Independence Temple

Independence Temple is a house of worship and education located in USA. It was built by the community of christ group, and is dedicated to the pursuit of peace.

8. The Shark

This exceptional palace is one of the weird building structure located in Russia and was actually constructed from an old boat.

9. Piano-shaped Building

Located in eastern part of China, this weird piano-shaped building is one of the most romantic palace in Anhui's province which serve as tourist attraction center.

10. Walt Disney Concert Hall

This building was constructed by the architect Frank Gehry with lot of metallic coating. This metallic coating emits a lot of heat as it is too reflective.

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