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If You Mistakenly Die in Any of These 5 Places, You Could be Punished.

Death is an inevitable, unplanned occurrence which must happen to all human beings on earth. It is one of the few reasons why we are called 'Living things'.

However, despite the fact that it is almost impossible for one to know exactly when he/she would give up the ghost, some laws, prohibiting death have been put in place in some parts of the world. Yeah! You heard me right!

The fist case of this prohibition happened in the 5th Century BC, on the Greek Island of Delos where people were banned from giving birth or dying on Religious grounds.

Below are 5 Places in the World where it is currently Illegal to Die in.

1. Japan

In Japan, the island of Itsukushima is considered a holy and sacred location in Shinto belief. Since 1878 till now, pregnant women are forbidden to give birth and people are also banned from dying.

You may want to why.

Well, this is because, the people and shrine's priest there have an aim of retaining and maintaining the purity of their land as it is of utmost importance to them.

2. Italy

In Italy, Sellia and Falciano del Massico are the two communes where it has been prohibited to die in.

In Sellia, the decree forbidding people from dying was issued by the mayor so as to motivate the residents to take their health more seriously. Infact, you would be fined if you don't go for regular health check-ups.

In Falciano del Massico, residents were banned from dying due to the unavailability of burial spaces.

However, the mayor later made a decision to build a new cemetery. People had been banned from dying until then.

3. Spain

In Spain; Death has been forbidden in Lanjarón, a municipality in the province of Granada. The residents are to abide by the law until the government provides land for a new cemetery to be built on.

4. France

In France, three different communes namely, Cugnaux, Sarpourenx and Le Lavandou have banned death.

In Le Lavandou, in the year 2000, death became illegal after the government refused the building of a new cemetery due to environmental reasons.

In Cugnaux, in the year 2007, the same reason also made the officials prohibit people from dying. Although, it was later permitted to make its local cemetery larger.

Same thing with Sarpourenx, in the year 2008, residents were banned from dying unless they had already acquired a burial spot.

5. Brazil

In Brazil, the officials of a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Biritiba-Mirim by name, also banned its residents from dying because the cemetery was already filled to its maximum.

Believe me, Its very shocking and quite ridiculous that this law exists. Although, I'm really wondering what would be done to those that go against the law.

What Do You Think Would Happen If this kind of Law was passed in your Locality/Town?

Kindly drop your comments. Don't also forget to like and follow me for more!!

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