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African Beauties- The Wonders of Africa

Africa is an enriched continent with so many available resources especially in terms of natural beauties.

1. Mount Kilimanjaro: Mount Kilimanjaro which is made of the composite of volcano compromising of lava, tephra and volcanic ash is the tallest mountain in Africa and the tallest standing free mountain in the world. With the height of 19,430 feet (5, 895m), it can be seen in and out of the road of Arusha, Tanzania. However most of the pictures taken of the mountain were taken from inside Amboseli National Park in Kenya.

2. Serengeti Migration: Africa has always been known for it abundant wildlife but this is a special feature. The Great Migration that takes place over the length of 500km accompanied by vast numbers of animals which could be in the number of 2 million including zebras, antelopes, gazelles, takes place on the plain which is referred to as Serengeti. This plain is shared between Tanzania and Kenya, encompassing 12,000 sq miles.

3. Fish River Canyon; covering an area of 2,300 sq miles which would take 5 days to complete the journey around by trekking, is located at Namibia. It is of 1,804 feet in depth. Also known to be the largest canyon in Africa.

4. Victoria Fall; other known as Mosi-oa-Tunya meaning “smoke that thunders”. Many people still describes it as such since it accurately defines the fall. Victoria Fall is known to be the largest waterfall in the world. Located between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe, also close to the border of Botswana.

5. Nile River: Taking it sources from Blue Nile and WhiteNile from Uganda and Ethiopia, it comes across the following countries which include, Uganda,, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and ending at Egypt. 

6. Ngorongoro Carter: The world’s largest unbroken caldera in the world. It is often referred to as “Africa’s Garden of Eden,” and affectionately described as a fish bowl of wildlife. The crater is home to over 30,000 animals including the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and hippopotamus. Extending at 12 miles and above 2,000 feet above crater floor.

7. Okavango Delta: Known to be the world largest inland delta, as it has never been poach. The delta is created from the rains that fill the Okavango River which is delivered to the basin of the Kalahari Desert. This is as a result of the rainy season that occurs between January and February. The water begin to fill the delta in March and rising to the peak at the month of July and August. The majority of water is lost to evaporation and transpiration. 

8. Sahara Desert: The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the world and the third largest desert after Antarctica and the Arctic. The desert stretches 2,983 miles (4,800 km) from east to west and 1,118 miles (1,800 km) from north to south. It covers an area of 3,552,140 square miles (9,200,000 sq. km).

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