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The Sacred Crocodiles Of Agulu Lake In Anambra That Can Hear And Speak To People (Photos)

Apart from its commercial lineaments and viability, Anambra State is renowned for her numerous tourism potentials. One of such tourist sites is the Agulu Lake which harbours hundreds of sacred and revered crocodiles and other reptiles.

Agulu is a large town located in Anaocha local government area of Anambra State.It is bounded at the North by Agukwu Nri and Nise Communities, to the East by Mbaukwu and Awgbu communities, to the West by Adazi Nnukwu and Obeledu and in the South by Aguluzigbo and Nanka communities. It is composed of 21 villages with the Umuowelle village harboring the Agulu lake.

Agulu from Earth

Agulu lake lies wide, unassuming and serene on a flattened surface, hemmed all round by evergreen verdant. A rriver at its southern tip flows down westward passing through several Anambra communities down to Onitsha. The lake is a sacred one and as such, economic activities such as boat riding, trading etc are highly prohibited.

The colour of Agulu lake changes depending on the season of the year. It could be limpid, giving off a transparent hue or greenish due to microbial activities of algae.

Shrouded in creepy mysteries,It is believed by the locals that Agulu lake is a progeny of Idemili, the Python goddess who holds the pillars of waters in Anambra. Agulu lake never drowns the innocent but evil doers. It also the aquatic enclave of some hundreds of crocodiles known as "Ezu Agulu."

Agulu Lake from Earth

The crocodiles can only be summoned by the Ezemmuo, the custodian of the Lake. They are affable and down-to-earth and thus cannot be poached. People can freely gaze at them without being attacked. 

It is also believed that these crocodiles aided the town during the atrocious Nigerian civil war. They were said to have transformed into pretty ladies and lured the enemy soldiers into the lake, drowning them.

Like I mentioned above, the lake has a custodian, a Chief priest whose abode is just adjacent the lake. He is the one that takes care of the crocodiles. He looks after them, feeds them and performs the apposite rituals needed to make the lake safe for visitors to come around for fun.

In 2017, the Nigerian Television Authority, Abuja, produced a documentary on Agulu lake. It can be accessed on YouTube. 

In the documentary, the Chief Priest of the lake, Nze Ralph Obi explained the mystery surrounding Agulu lake. According to him, the crocodiles were a totem of Agulu people. They were adopted by the people to protect the land during fierce battles of yesteryears. He revealed that the reptiles hear when he calls and answers back. 

In demonstration, he jiggled a bell and three ferocious looking crocodiles zapped towards him. He threw a cock at them which they devoured with relish. 

Nze Obi further stated that every year, a festival is being organised in the month of February to celebrate the crocodiles. The crocodiles are untouchable. Anybody that tries to harm them never goes impunity. The lake detests evildoers such as murderers, thieves spiritualists etc. Any unclean feet that come near the lake will not escape being ripped into pieces by the crocodiles.

Currently, Agulu lake is a popular tourist resort with a 5-star hotel. It was started by Peter Obi's administration and is being completed by the Obiano tenure. During festive seasons, people troop to Agulu lake for relaxation and sightseeing. There is a cultural center known as the Idemili cultural center just by the mouth of the lake where people can enter to known more about the lake and it's sacred beasts.

See the screenshots of the interview captured:

The Chief Priest

The Chief priest jiggling the bell.

When he threw the cock into the lake

The crocodiles devouring the offering

To watch the video, click on the link below:

Other pictures of Agulu Lake and her Crocodiles:

Drone pictures of Agulu Lake

The town of Nri can be seen stretching at the end.

Drone shots credit: Gbozaa!

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