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10 Igbo Proverbs You Must Not Joke With

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There are lot of Ibo proverbs but I have decided to deal with just a few. Here are ten proverbs you must know.

1) You do not pour water into a basket and expect it to remain.

Lesson: Every action you take has it's consequences

2) The monkey is a monkey and the gorilla is a gorilla.

Lesson: Do not judge people by others' lifestyle and attitude.

3) He that brings an ant infested faggot into his house must expect the male lizards to pay him a visit.

Lesson: The lesson is as same as that of number one.

4) A thief that was sent by his father, does not hesitate to break the door open with his foot.

Lesson: One's family has influence over them. If one is taught to do something bad by his family people, he would do it without a second thought.

5) An old woman feels uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in proverbs.

Meaning: When something that affects you is being made mentioned of, you would not find it amusing.

6) The chicken chasers will always have a fall and the chicken will take to it's flight.

Lesson: Evil people will always fall in their chase of the innocent

7) You cannot pick a mango under a pear tree

Lesson: What you sow is what you reap.

8) Do not throw a stone into the crowd because it might land on the head of one of your relatives.

Lesson: Do not take careless actions that can hurt others because it can also affect your loved ones .

9) When a carpenter makes a mistake, he would say it's a new style.

Meaning: When people make mistakes, they would try to justify it.

10) An old woman does not get old in the dance she can best perform.

Meaning: One's talent does not fade with ageing.

Is there any proverb that you cherish a lot? Drop them in the comment box and admonish a life.

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