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Interesting facts about Kano State you never knew that would make you want to visit

Kano is a State in Northern Nigeria with its capital as Kano city. Kano is an ancient State and the second largest in Nigeria after Lagos in terms of population.

This commercial and industrialized state is the second major seat of the Hausa/Fulanis, with the first being Sokoto. The State plays a vital role to the economic development of Nigeria.

Kano State being an ancient town is the pride of most Northerners and forms the headquarters of the Hausa film industry known as Kannywood .

There are quite a number of tourist attractions in the state which includes Gidan Makama museum, Audu Bako zoo, Bagauda Lake/Tiga Lake Resort, Tourist CampKofar Mata Dyeing pit, Emir’s Palace and many more.

Some colorful festivities adorn with royalty will make you want to visit Kano too. The major festival is the Durbar festival which is hosted by the Emir of Kano to mark and celebrate the two annual Muslim festivals. The Eid-el-Fitr and Eid-el-Adha.

Kanawa as the demonym of the indigenes of the State are called, are predominantly farmers. It is no surprise that Kano is considered the most extensive irrigated State in Nigeria with over 3 million hectares of arable land for farming.

The State is rich in cuisines and tasty delicacies. If you perchance happen to visit Kano, do not hesitate to taste tuwo da miyyan taushe. It will leave your taste buds watering and longing for more.

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