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See 8 Things Most Of Us Have Heard Of But Never Seen.

The truth is that there are things(words) we frequently hear, infact, we hear some of them everyday but still can't picture this things. Everyone most have heard of the word "black box" or perhaps "DNA", but the reality is that most of us(if not all) don't know what they look like.

However, this post contains a compilation of five(5) everyday things most of us have probably heard of but have never seen. Read And Learn.

1. Mastodons

Mastodons were vast woolly animals with trunks and big tusks. These giants lived on our planet even before mammoths.

In fact, they resembled mammoths terribly closely, and therefore the commoner may simply confuse these 2 mammals.

Have you seen them before?

2. Elephant Tails.

Incase you didn't know, this is what an elephant tail look like. Unlike the popular assumption that an elephant tail is thin, it is covered with a long hair that looks like a brush. Note that some African countries use it for making bracelets.

3. A Black Box.

In recent times, black box are spherical with an orange colour but in the past, they were rectangular and black. As we all know, black boxes are flight recorders that records the activities of a plane just in case there is a need to investigate aviation accidents. This is why their details are kept secret.

4. DNA.

Almost everyone is familiar with the word DNA. In fact, many of us have seen how it looks like in pictures. However, the question we should be asking ourselves is how many of us know how it looks like in reality? The picture above shows what it looks like in reality.

5. Four-horned Jacob Sheep.

They are a Bristish breed of domestic sheeps commonly distinguished by four horns, although, some may have 6 or even 2 horns. However, the root of the Jacob sheep is unknown, and they were discovered in the 1700s.

Please note that the sheep were named after Jacob in the Bible because of its resemblance to the sheeps described in the book of Genesis. Read Genesis 30: 31-43 for more details.

Thanks for reading.

So, which it these things have you seen before? Please drop your feedback in the comment section.

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Elephant Tails Mastodons


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