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Pains And Agony Illegal Migrants Pass Through In Their Quest To Travel To European Countries

Many persons today, most especially the youngsters of this era of the 21st century; have conformed to the mentality and ideology of travelling to different advance countries of the world in search for greener pastures and a quality source of livelihood.

This modern dispensation of the 21st century has brought with it; a trend and craze that has prompted almost every youth and youngster in different countries, most especially third-world nations and underdeveloped nations to constantly strive for a more enhancing standard of living.

 It is no news that during the course of seeking for greener pastures and relocating to these advance nations, many have retorted to taking cheap illegal route in other to avoid the observations of the necessary migration protocols. Many have also taken to illegal route to foreign nations because they are either devoid of the required documents, or they simply cannot afford the cost of travelling legally.

Regardless of what the reason or excuse might be as regarding illegal migration, it is important to know that illegal migration to any country is extremely dangerous and dreadful. Many persons have unfortunately lost their lives as a result of illegal passage to other countries, many have been made to face different harsh and terrifying conditions like bandit attack, rape, starvation, thirst, ship wreck due to overcrowding, attack from cruel and hostile military force and custom officers, and even in worst situations; death.

According to statistic reports, it was recorded that in the last 2 decades, many Africans most especially Nigerians; have lost their lives due to illegal route passage through the Sahara Desert while on their quest to Libya, others have also lost their lives on the account of turbulence and ship wreck via the Mediterranean Sea passage to Italy and Spain.

The photos below will give you a clear insight of the agony and pains illegal migrants pass through on their quest for greener pastures.

In a nut shell, avoid illegal travelling route, always follow and observe the required migration protocols in other not to find yourself in a pitiable and regretful state or condition. 

Content created and supplied by: OsPrince (via Opera News )


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