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We Cannot All Run Away From Nigeria

Hardly a day goes by without a Nigerian posting on social media a picture or series of photographs of their arrival in a foreign country with celebratory caption. These people depart the country in droves vowing never to return to this country again.

One cannot blame those people. Nigeria has given citizens very few reasons to be patriotic. These young men and women escaping the country are even only a glimpse of more people who are still in the process of doing so. A lot more have even tried but have probably not been successful yet.

A visit to the UK and US embassy in Lagos provides a glimpse of the huge number of Nigerians who are making the effort daily. Can one blame them?

There are several reasons any sane person would want to exit the country. Economically, the country is not encouraging. Salaries remain stagnant while the price of commodes continue to go up. Monies in banks lose value quickly while ease of doing business is also tough. Access to raw material for industry is almost non-existent so manufacturers have to rely on foreign products for steady supply.

In the area of security, the country is boiling. Ethnic clashes, kidnapping, banditry, killer herdsmen and robbery are some of the problems citizens are facing. It is therefore no surprise that those can afford it quickly leave to saner climes.

But we cannot all get onto the next available plane and depart the country. If we all jump ship, we are literally handing over the country to those that will ruin it more. It is important to remember that those countries we are rushing to fixed their own problems and not by running way. Nigeria is poised to be the greeted black nation in the world and it also takes serious togetherness to achieve this.

Content created and supplied by: Ayekooto1 (via Opera News )

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