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Travel: 5 Relaxation Spots in Lagos

Lagos is the centre of excellence and a very busy state. Everyone appears to always be in a hurry.

Due to the busy nature of the state many find it so difficult to take out time to relax but there are a good number of places in the state where you can go to relax and have quality relaxation time.

First is the National Theatre. A national and historical place. It still serves as a tourist destination even though there are talks to privatise it.

Secondly is Ozone cinemas which is in Yaba. It's a good place to go and chill out.

Thirdly is the bar beach. A good place to go and unwind. Although the beach side has changed over the years, it is still a good relaxation spot for anyone.

Fourth is Eleko Beach. This is another beach front that you and your loved ones can visit to unwind and which you will thoroughly love.

Fifth and lastly is Badagry beach. Even though ut may be far for some, it is still a good and serene spot for a getaway.

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Badagry Eleko Beach Lagos National Theatre. Yaba


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