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St. Peter's Basilica And How Long It Took Constructing It.

When you hear that Rome was not built in a day, you may be tempted to take this at face value but this sinks deeper than one may imagine. Some notable buildings of the world took many years to complete. Listed below are some famous architectural wonders, their locations and the number of years spent constructing them.

-St. Peter’s Basilica – Vatican City: 144 years

The exterior of the Famous St. Peter's Basilica, seat of the Holy See.

A brief view of the interior of St Peter's Basilica, the home of over 60% of the world's art works in their natural state.

-Leaning Tower of Pisa – Pisa Italy:199 years

-St. Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow Russia: 123 years

-Taj Mahal – Agra India: 21 years

-St. Paul’s Cathedral – London England:36 years

-Buckingham Palace – London England:23 years

-Brandenburg Gate – Berlin Germany: 3 years

-The White House – Washington DC USA:13 years

-Sagrada Familia – Barcelona Spain:

-Palace of Westminster – London England:30 years

-Neuschwanstein Castle – Hohenschwangau Germany:23 years

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India Russia St. Peter 's Basilica Vatican City White House


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