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Dubai Dinner in the Sky: See lovely Pictures and Video of People taking Dinner 50meter Above Ground

Dubai Dinner in the Sky: See lovely Pictures of people taking dinner 50meter above ground (Land)

Having ever imagined dining in the sky? This wonderful opportunity is what Dubai is offering to many people. In this article we will be exposing you to more details of the event, some interesting experience one gains, price for one sit reservation, capacity and location.

The idea of dinner in the sky was first initiated in Belgium before it escalated some world recognized cities like Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia, Athens, Rome, Cape Town South Africa before getting to United Arab Emirate in 2013. After 3years of its operation, it became popular in 2016.

Dinner in the Sky concept is meant to be gravity force defying experience as well as figurative meaning. With this concept you will have an opportunity to wine and dine 50 meters above ground with some meals prepared by international chefs. That's very amazing right?

Where's it located?

Dining in the sky is situated in Dubai international Marine Club, It had the capacity of hosting 22 People at a go. The journey to such a height is one you'll be welcomed with cool off drink while getting acquainted with the environment after which you will be asked to submit all your belongs to avoid risk of dropping.

Once the crane is set for lifting, everyone must buckle up seat belts before the operator will lift crane to whooping above ground.

On arrival, the chef takes turn in serving all meal order placed earlier w50Mhile the tables continue to rotate in 360 degree angle in other to give you best experience.

What's the duration?

Every visit is estimated for 90minutes — 100 minutes including time of seating and unseating.

What kind of food (dishes) can be served?

Almost all types of foods can be served, it solely depends on guest choice both vegetarians and non vegetarians have a special place.

I am quite sure that many individuals ain't aware of this place because of this very reason we are attaching some interesting images of it.


Pictures credit: You tub

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To watch live video about it, click on the link below.


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