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This is how we will finally see Allah in Paradise. It made me shed tears.

One type of pleasure we have never experienced in this world that we will experience in the hereafter is, to see Allah (SWT).

We're just sitting there in Paradise remembering the days of this world, suddenly you look above you and there is light, upon light, upon light, upon light, and we ask the angels “Is this Allah?” and the angels say “No… this is the light that proceeds Allah” And while we’re looking we hear “Assalamu’alaikum Ya Ahlul Jannah” (“Peace Be Upon You, O People Of Paradise”) and we will reply back “Allahumma Antassalam wa Minkassalam Tabarakta Ya Dhul Al-Jalali-Wa Al-Ikram” (“O Allah You Are Peace And From You Is Peace, May You Be Glorified O Majestic One”).

And Allah will say “O My servants I am satisfied with you, are you satisfied with me?”

They will say “O Allah how can we not be satiisfied when you have saved us from the Hellfire and made us enter Paradise.”

Then Allah will say “What else do you want.?”

They will say “Nothing else.”

Then Allah will say “No… Today is the day of giving… I want to give you more… what do you want?”

And all of us together will say “O Allah… Show us Your face… we want to see You, we’ve worshipped you all our life and we’ve never seen you. You’ve given us everything.” 

For most of us, He has given us Islam when we never asked for it. And for those who reverted, He gave you guidance.

Then the barrier of light between us and Allah will be removed and for the first time you will get to see Allah, you will get to see the One that created you from nothing, you will get to see the one who gave you so many chances so that you can be in Paradise.

Then Allah will say “Today I will bestow upon you My pleasure, My satisfaction, and I will never be upset with you again.”

This event is narrated in Sahih Muslim 2829, Book 53, Hadith 10.

“For [the truthful] are gardens in Paradise beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever, Allah well pleased with them and they well pleased with Him and That is the great achievement. (Holy Qur’an 5:119)

Please share with your friends and family. May Allah help us to be of those who will attained the Great Achievement. 

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Allah Assalamu Paradise


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