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What are some photos showing that nature never stops surprising us?

What are some photos showing that nature never stops surprising us? 

We all have seen natural things but we haven't seen some of the world's astonishing natural creations. Just to let you guys know, nature never stops surprising us. The mother nature has the ability to transform into unbelievable forms. But to prove that, this article has extracted most of the astonishing natural photos of all time, it will help you to witness amazing natural formations.

Note; the photos in this article are of hundred percent real life scenes. They are nature made. They do exist.

So, let's enjoy this surprising and astonishing shots of mother nature that will both amaze you and relax you.


In a thousandth of a second, ocean water! Inside nature makes me speechless.

Lava that formed to look like pile of bodies being sucked into the fiery void of Hell. made by nature.

Cold and rain is not good for my health. The experience of a real life frog.

What a demarcation! Lavender field next to a wheat field. Nature is responsible.

At first, I thought it was some slice of meat but this is a human tongue under microscope. That is nature talking not me.

Lightning strikes from above unto a huge tree. But at first, I thought it was the God of thunder "Thor" unleashing his thunder strike. But, this is really scary.

Excuse me, let me check something out. That was what nature created.

More photos showing that nature never stops surprising us :

This is just like the road to heaven, What a great work. Nature all the way!

What a dancing frog "Thank God is Friday". It's a real frog, that is nature responsible.

The morning glory. All natural.

"What a free ride" . Also, is a photo showing that nature never stops surprising us.

The brilliance of nature.

Nature transformed it into a metal tree

Nothing can stop nature, the flower must grow

The mind blowing mountains in Perce attracts thousands of tourists annually. All natural.

Nature never stops surprising us!

The fire didn't reach the other side of the road. Nature is responsible.

Wow! Nature is really great

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