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Photos of Amazing Structures in the World will love #6

1. STONE HOUSE: The Stone House which was built in a lovely structure of a stone, which can be located in Fate Mountains of Portugal, was built from two huge Rocks linked by concrete mixture in 1974.

It's one of the finest tourist attraction in portugal which makes feelings of Prehistoric Structure in Portugal.

2. THE MIND HOUSE: It took 14years for the completion of this strange looking building in Spain, which started in the year 1900 designed in the early part of 20th Century which also contains 60 different Houses Chapel and a Park. Its also a tourist attractions in Spain.

3. THE BASKET BUILDING: The Basket Building Built in the structure of a Basket which is located in Ohio, United States.

It took two years for the completion, the inner part of basket building is decorated by glass ceiling.

4. TUMULUS OF BOUGON: This is a complet group of 5 stones made barrows built in 4700 B. C. by Neolithic People, The barrows within the site varies by their size and also have different inner structure...

5. LA HOUGUE BIE: A very important Historical Site in Jersey that has finest passage graves and burial site of Europe, was constructed by Neolithic People Around 3500 B. C. Which has large Oval Chamber and Two Small Chamber and its Southern and Northen Side. 2 medieval chapels also located at the top of the prehistoric mound.

6. OGBUNIKE CAVE IN NIGERIA: This is located in Ogbunikr Anambra State which is know as the collection of caves that have been in use for Centuries by the Natives of the Village in Anambra State. A very good site for tourist attraction, is has 317 steps to decend to the caves also has the main cave whic consists of a massive structure with a big open chamber at the entrace and this chamber has 10 tunnels leading to diffent directions.

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Amazing Structures in Fate Mountains Portugal Spain Stone House


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