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See the Mysterious Agulu crocodile lake with thousands of crocodiles

Agulu lake is a big lake that is located in Agulu, Anambra state, this lake is deeper than River Niger in Onitsha, Anambra state. If you drive on top of Agulu Lake bridge, you will witness the twin bodies of this lake. They are actually same Agulu lake that is virtually demarcated by dense vegetation and the water is still and flow slowly. Both side of the lake appears very wide and stretched and grey in colour with its extension appears endless. Elders of Agulu says no one has ever seen the end of this lake.

There are many crocodiles of all sizes in Agulu Lake and during sunny afternoon, the crocodiles will spread their bodies at the bank of the Agulu lake, warming their bodies and looking for a food.

Agulu Lake is a sacred body of water and it's sacred to the people of Agulu. The people of Agulu don't eat crocodiles from Agulu lake and only few people can fish inside that lake.

Agulu lake is a body of water that has some spiritual powers surrounding it. A lot of rituals, sacrifices and festivals go on at that Agulu lake. There is a chief priest that control the lake, in charge of all worshipping activities on that lake. This Chief priest has big shrine called Idemmili center very close to the bank of the lake and the man talks with the crocodiles in that Agulu lake. And during the Idemmili festival of that lake he control the crocodiles not to harm people especially children and share them fresh meats.

Meanwhile, Because of the spiritual powers of this Agulu lake, many people come and do rituals and sacrifices to get children, political power and money. During early around 5 am some ladies bath their body spiritually near the lake with the water from the Agulu lake in order to get husband. 

Agulu lake is truly amazing and full of mystery. 

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