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Major Reason Why Newly Married Couple Should Not Use Hotel For Their Honeymoon.

Marriage is an institution that God himself ordained. He called it a Holy matrimony. Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman, to became "One". This we can see in the book of Matthew 19:5-6 "And said,for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be united firmly (joined inseparably) to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh? So they are no longer two,but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together,let no man put asunder".

It is of course regarded as a holy union and everything that comes after must be done in Holiness.

A marriage that has a good beginning or with God in it will always be a good marriage. Even though when any bad thing wants to happen,the blessings of God over the marriage and with the fact that the couple has obeyed God's words will always make them to overcome any temptation. Part of obeying God's word is what we'll be discussing below.

God's commandment to young minds is not to commit adultery and that is why their first meeting together as couple is a special one. Some men of God will even call it a Holy meeting.

This days, most couples prefers to choose or book a hotel room for their honeymoon. They believe that their special night must meet them in a special place which they mostly choose hotels. Have you considered the vices done on that special bed you think you are using? Do you remember God's curse on those that fornicates and commit adultery? To avoid being a partaker in this laid down curse,simply make your union remain blessed by having your honeymoon in your house,there are many things you can do together to enjoy yourselves at home.

Aside from other important functions of hotel which is for seminars,meetings,rest etc, most of the hotels are used to commit adultery and fornications. Let us see what God told us about this in the book of Hebrew 13:4 "Let marriage be held in honour (esteemed worthy, precious, of great price, and especially dear) in all things. And thus let the marriage bed be undefiled (kept undishonored) for God will judge and punish unchaste(all guilty of sexual vice) and adulterous".

Couples who have stayed away from adultery and have obeyed God's law on keeping their body holy should endeavor not to do anything that will make God's curse be on them. To couples who have stayed true, please avoid going into hotel for honeymoon so that the curse you've tried to run away from will not bounce back unto you.

To couples who are about to wed,Why not try this out, make provisions for foods, drinks,snacks and fruits. Make arrangements for videos, songs or movies and get games to play,both mobile and local games. Draw out different activities that can keep you and your spouse together and make you happy and enjoy yourself at home. Pray for each other and respect each other. God bless you.

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