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This Is Not Dubai, It is The Beautiful Part Of Nigeria People Won't Tell You About (Photos)

Many Nigerians often feel that the country does not have locations that are as beautiful and presentable compared to other foreign nations of the world. I understand why they feel this way though. Anybody seeing constant potholes and refuse being disposed improperly in some locations across the country might be forced to make a general assumption that it may be like that all over the country.

However, I wish to prove you wrong! Nigeria has very beautiful locations and I am not just talking about recreational centers but beautiful landscape and wonderful views. If you are the kind of person that likes adventures and you travel a lot, you would know that Nigeria is truly beautiful and blessed despite the little setbacks the country faces every now and then.

Let us take Yobe state for example, there is a village called Tulo Tulo in Yusufari local government, Yobe State. It shares a border with Niger and is called "Desert Land of Hope" and it looks almost like the desert in Dubai. If you snap a picture there, one would almost be forced to believe that you are in the United Arab Emirates. See photos of the Desert Land of Hope in Yobe:

Another city which very beautiful places is Calabar. Calabar is the capital city of Cross Rivers and its beauty and elegance is a sight to behold. See some pictures of Calabar:

Also, Abuja can not be left out. Abuja has nice spots and tourist attractions, one of which is the National Mosque. See photos of the National Mosque and some other nice views in Abuja:

Well, these are just some of the beautiful cities I wish to bring to your attention in this article. I would be writing more articles on other lovely cities in Nigeria so, kindly like, comment, share and follow my profile so that you can get more updates.

Thanks for reading.

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