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5 Reasons Why I Love The Igbo People (OPINION)

It is possible that you may be wandering which tribe I am from? Well the simple answer is that I am WAZOBIA, which accurately implies that I belong to every tribe in Nigeria, because I strongly believe in the Unity and oneness of this Nation called Nigeria.

Picture Credit: ( A cross section of Igbo Elders)

With over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria, and three major tribes, which are, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa, I have come to realize that Nigeria is such a blessed country due to the human resources that we have across all tribes.

As a Yoruba boy, brought up and raised in the South western part of Nigeria, I have always admired people of other tribes that I have been able to come across within the little years that I have spent on earth.

I have met with, the Hausa’s, made friends with the Fulani’s, made distant friends with the Edo people and of recent, I have been able to meet people who I can refer to as Friends like Family, amongst the Igbo people.

Picture Credit: ( Ofala Festival From Igbo Land)

While I wouldn’t want to bore you about how I met these Friends who have taken me as brothers, I will like to point out the very amazing qualities of this particular tribe that caught my fancy and endeared me to them.

Below Are The 5 Reasons Why I Love The Igbo People So Much.

Hardworking: I have never for once in my life see a set of people who are these hardworking in every sector that they find themselves. For instance, any visit to a major market in any of the state capital will prove this right, because you will definitely find Igbo people in their droves, working day and night, to make ends meet.

Apart from this, they also take their trades and hardworking spirit to several countries in the World. This attribute is worthy of emulation by everyone wants to create a better life for him or herself.

Picture Credit: ( Igbo People During A Festival)

Honest: I must say this here; I met my first Igbo friend online because I wanted to purchase a particular product from his online store. I was skeptical at first, because I have once fallen for online scams, but I took the leap of faith when I discovered he was from the Igbo tribe and this truly paid off handsomely, because I didn’t only get the goods I purchased on time, it was also accompanied with a Thank You card that really touched my heart.

Apart from this, I am sure most of you will agree with me that Honesty is boldly engraved in the Hearts of the Igbo people.

Innovative: Talk about the development of local technology in Nigeria, they have it. No wonder the first Car Making Company in Nigeria (Innoson Vehicles) is owned by an Igbo Man.

Apart from this, many other locally made products in Nigeria are mostly made by them, which have helped Nigeria as a Nation to reduce its dependence on foreign products.

Peace Loving: Peaceful as a dove. The Igbo people are known to be peace loving people, who try every possible means to stay out of trouble.

If you offend an Igbo person, they don’t take long before they forgive you, because of their believe in Brotherliness. 

Picture Credit: ( A Young Lady of Igbo Descent)

Cultured: They are well cultured and also respect other people’s culture. They have one of the most beautiful cultures in the World, with a language that is well arranged phonetically.

There is so much about their culture that can fit into this Article. 

I look forward to paying a visit to the East very soon to see for myself, this amazing tribe, and probably marry from there.

God Bless Nigeria.

Content created and supplied by: TheAjiboye (via Opera News )

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