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List Of Countries And Their Nicknames

We have seven(7) continents in the World with about 206 countries separated by water and land borders. A country can be defined as a sovereign state with a government and economy.

Most countries in the world were colonized by the Europeans from France and England. After colonization the people picked up their Masters languages making English and French global languages. But few states such as China were never colonized, the exist as independent states and speak their native tongue.

This is a list of some counties nicknames according to continents.


Venezuela - Land of Grace

United States Of America - The Land of the Free

Paraguay - The Island surrounded by land

Chile - Land of poets

Guyana - Land of many waters

Peru - Land of Incas

Brazil - Land of palms(pindorama)

Canada - The Great White North


South Africa - Rainbow Nation

Rwanda - Land of a thousand hills

Nigeria - Giant of Africa

Lesotho - The Kingdom in the sky

Madagascar - The Red Island

Egypt - The gift of the Nile

Burkina Faso - Land of the upright


Israel - The Holy Land

Lebanon - Switzerland of the Middle East


Australia - Land under the sprightly Kangaroo

New Zealand - Land of the long white cloud


Austria - Land of beauty and music

Albania - Land of the Eagles

England - Land of hope and glory

Belarus - The white Rus

Ukraine - The bread basket of Europe

Switzerland - Land of milk and honey

Slovenia - The sunny side of the Alps

Italy - The boot

Ireland - The emerald isle

France - L'hexagone

Finland - Land of thousand lakes

Iceland - Land of fire and ice


Iraq - Cradle of ancient civilization

Myanmar - Land of the golden pagodas

Afghanistan - Graveyard of empires

Macau - Vegas of the East

Pakistan - The land of clean and pure people

Thailand - Land of smiles

Philippines - The pearl of the orient sea

Sri Lanka - India's teardrop

South Korea - Land of the morning calm

North Korea - The hermit Kingdom

Mongolia - Land of blue sky

China - The red dragon

Japan - Land of the rising sun

Indonesia - The emerald of the equator

Bhutan - Land of the thunder dragon

Singapore - The lion city

Hong Long - Asia's World City

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