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Can You Eat In Any of These Unique Restaurants?

1. The Modern Toilet

Located in Taipei Taiwan, "the modern toilet" as it is called plays host to a handful of adventure seeking customers. It is popular for its unique ambience and services delivery.

A visit to the modern toilet will actually make you think you are in an actual toilet because its a really a large Bathroom, toilet seats, the dishes they use in serving etc. have all been designed to suit their name.

2. Opaque

Located in various States in the US.

The opaque is a restaurant that allows their customers to dine in the dark.

They said this is to "elicit a stronger sense of taste, touch, smell and hearing".Even though Customers patronize them for a feel of the unusual you are strongly advised not to visit if you are scared of the dark.

3. New Lucky Restaurant

This was Built right in the centre of an ancient cemetery in Ahmadabad, India.They have arranged tables and chairs in between gravestones to recieve customers. The owner was said to have bought the place and instead of removing the ancient gravestones he chose to preserve them.

The food is one of the local favourites in the town, but the environment is not for the faint hearted.

4. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

If you want a taste of good food and nature at it's best a trip to Rangali Islands will be an ideal one for you. There you will find the World's First Underwater Restaurant.

The restaurant is five (5) meters beneath the water. The underwater view, filled with surrounding of coral gardens and aquatic bodies will leave you serenaded and eager to visit again.

However kids are not allowed because it an adult restaurant.

Which of these will you like to visit?

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