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The Hotel That Is So Luxurious It Was Dubbed The World's First 7-Star Hotel

Although officially there is nothing like a 7-star rating when it comes to hotel, however, this term "7-star" was created by a British journalist who went on tour before the grand opening of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and was astonished that she felt the standard 5-star rating would be an understatement. 

The Burj Al Arab is a 28 two-storey floor luxurious hotel, which makes it one of the tallest hotels in the world, even though more than 30% of the height of the hotel is made up of spaces that were not occupied.

This architectural marvel was built on an artificial island that is about 280m away from Jumeirah Beach. The construction of this hotel required very complex engineering procedures because it rests on an artificial island. To make the foundation engineers had to drive about 130ft of concrete piles right into the sand.

The ground surface was created with large rocks which protected the foundation from erosion. It took barely 5 years to construct the whole building.

The total height of this hotel is 1,053ft, it has a total floor count of 56 with 3 located below ground level. This magnificent hotel has 18 elevators and the whole building was built to look like the sail of a ship.

This luxurious hotel provides many premium services such as a shuttle service with Rolls-Royces, it has a private beach, 6 restaurants, it also comes with helicopter service. The most expensive suite in the hotel cost about $24,000 per night, which is almost ₦10 million.

Even though this hotel was completed way back in the year 1999, this hotel still tops many recent hotels when it comes to its premium features and services.

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British Burj Al Arab


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