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Mexico; See A Place Called"Zone Of Silence"Where Clocks Don't Work And Radios Stop Functioning.

The zone of silence is a desert area in northern Mexico, apparently immerse in a singular electromagnetism.

This is an area know as the mapimi patch,a closed basin that shelters ancient logoons in the great desert of Chihuahua in northern Mexico,a rare place known as the Zone of silence is found.

Deep in the interior of Mexico,in the Chihuahua desert is a sparsely populated region of ranch land and vacant expanses. It's known for a curious traits; Radios are said not to work there and it's claimed that compasses only spin uselessly. But amid this very radio silence where commercial radio broadcasts are muted and even handheld walkie talkies set are said to fail-are even more strange phenomena; weird lights in the sky, unusual UFOs, crazy meteor showers seen nowhere else on earth, and even a creepy race of Nordic-looking aliens. This is the Zone of silence,or mapimi silent zone.

The basic explanation for the zone's radio silence offered up to its believers is that it has an affinity for iron-rich meteors. Something about the area perhaps magnetism draws them here and as a result,the ground underfoot is thick with ancient and modern iron-rich materials. The belief is that the magnetic distortion from these meteorites is what jams radio signals and renders compasses useless. The association with ghost lights and UFOs and Nordic aliens is less clear,but they remain an important part of every article written about the Zone.

But the zone's strangest details is something that happened in 1970 the story goes that the United States launched a missile that accidentally landed in the zone-no doubt drawn by the same forces that attract meteors. And not just any missile :it was said to be a dirty bomb, deliberately made to be extra-radio active. Aliens magnetic anomalies,a radio dead area,and now a government conspiracy. The zone of silence has it all.

In few words,this is a place full of singularities,lost in the stout immensity of the Mexican desert. An enclosing landscape imprinted with a mysterious veil that reminds us that , perhaps,the material world is just another character in this grand theatrical piece; life.

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