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If you are a Nigerian and haven't been to Ibadan, you are missing (See reasons)

Above is the picture of Dugbe. It's in Dugbe you will find Cocoa house, ShopRite and the famous Dugbe market. Dugbe could be seen as the commercial hub of Ibadan.

The picture above is what Challenge looks like at night. Wouldn't you rather use your next leave from your office and spend it in Ibadan. If you are a Nigerian and haven't visited Ibadan, you are not yet a Nigerian. Accept it.

People as we know have tagged Ibadan as the city of the brown rusted roof. Even though this is true as there is no city without its local communities, even Abuja was more or less a village before the FCT was taken there.

Ibadan as we know is presently one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Apart from holding some historical places like Cocoa house, first TV station, the first University, IITA, and host of other things. Living in Ibadan is not costly and enjoying life in this city of peace is very good.

Look at the serene environment. Ibadan is a place for business, from Iwo road, to Dugbe to Challenge, Eleyele and all, Ibadan is a place that will enable your business to boom.

Also, if you want to enjoy the vibes of the local community in Ibadan, just go to Beere, Oje, Idi Areere, Oke Mapo and Apete.

Ibadan is a whole new vibe on its own. Cost of living is not much and you will see everything needed to enjoy life. Take a visit to Ibadan and see and magic in form of rainbows, dusts and diamonds.

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