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Checkout The Only Blue River in Nigeria That Has Become a Resort for Tourist (See Photos)

Checkout The Only Blue River in Nigeria That Has Become a Resort for Tourist.

Azumini is an ancient community of Ndoki, located at the south eastern corner of Abia state. The capital of Abia state is Umuahia, Abia state was created from the part of Imo state in 1991. This state houses the biggest cattle market in Nigeria.

The Azumini river is found in Abia state, it is popularly known as the "Blue River" because there is no other river as clear and blue as it is in Nigeria.

The river is located in Abia state, towards it's boundary with Akwa Ibom state. Overtime, the river has become a resort for tourist.

It has so many attractive features. It has a crystal blue colour, you can see canoe riders there and there are lots of fishes for consumption.

The colour of the river is so clear that one could see the white Sandy bottom of the river, even under moonlight. The stones found there are so clear and clean that Aba glass industry uses them as raw materials to produce commodities.

The fishes in this river are clearly seen, you can easily count them and even watch them swimming from one end of the river to another. People go for picnics there too.

There are some interesting activities that goes on there. There are chairs and tables to relax on, there are barbeque grills for preparation of delicious fish meals. The Sandy beaches where you can lie for house is another comfort of the river side.

The Azumini hill is another site which helps you to get a full glare of the beauty of Azumini river. This hill is said to be the only significant hill in all of Ndoki.

In fact, this Azumini river is a great site to behold. People always go there to relax because of the beauty and nature of the place.

If you are from Abia or you have been to this river, you can tell us the things you know about this river. Is it truly a blue river?

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