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My In-flight Experience: Why cabin crew members may be needing more in hazard allowance.

On a recent trip from Lagos-Abuja it was all different for the first time since I started going airborne.

A Flight Attendant giving safety instructions just before takeoff.

Safety precautions had been taken to another level, from the gate of the airport, through the terminals and into the planes.

Everyone geared up with facemasks and face shields, while some continuously brandished different types of hand sanitizers.

It has never been an experience for me, but as with everything that has happened with Covid19 here in Nigeria it imperative to believe that the virus is expensive and one that trails behind the rich and influential.

That said, the airports are not made to transit the poor or the struggling so its indeed wise that when you need to travel by air, you go well prepared and completely kitted.

Do we need say much, that the airport was the first to welcome Covid19 to the country?

Well, back to the journey. My pity found no other than the cabin crew member who was flamboyant in his Hazmat apparel and matching gloves.

He looked like the typical medical hands that take care of Covid19 patients in the hospital.

There and then, I understood the kind of added risk his job was saddled with. An endangering one you must say.

It should be thoughtful that just as their labour market colleagues in the medical industry crave for hazard allowance, same should be accorded to them as planes are known to be incubators for community level transmission.

May God see these particular set of workers through.

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