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Why Commercial Airplanes Are Usually Painted In White Colour

If you regularly board an aeroplane or have seen many of them in movies books and the internet, you will notice that majority of them are painted white and have little livery to show the logo of the airliner. 

In recent times we have seen a lot of planes that are painted white that we get to forget that they were not initially so because way back commercial planes come in chrome or bare metal which had little or no paint.

Gradually this was shunned because it made dust and dirt appear on the body, and this didn't please passengers so they opted to start painting it, now down below are the reason why planes are mostly painted in white;

1. White Colour makes it easy to spot any damage on the plane

Right before and after a flight, commercial planes are meticulously checked to see if there is any structural damage or defects. And the white colour makes it very easy for the maintenance crew to spot oil spills, cracks and even bumps which might pose a potential danger during flight.

2. Keeps the plane cooler by reflecting the sun

Painting a plane in white helps to reflect sunlight because aeroplanes are exposed to direct sunlight when in flight and when parked, white paint will help to reduce the cabin from heating and prevent damage from solar radiation. After all, modern planes are made with a composite material that needs to be protected from the sun.

3. White colour doesn't fade like other colours

Aircraft are always exposed to extreme atmospheric conditions such as intense sunlight, wind, ice and rain which makes planes painted in other colour fades faster than white, making it lose its attractive look.

4. White colour is cheaper than other colours

The paints used on an aeroplane is more expensive than the regular ones you see in the supermarket. And painting a plane can take a minimum of 240 litres of paint and this number can even go up to 3,600 litres depending on the size of the plane.

White paint is the most common colour which makes it significantly cheaper than others.

5. Reduces fuel consumption

Painting a plane can give the plane an additional 550kg to its initial weight since white is a much thinner paint, this means it will add little weight than other colours, and the lighter the aircraft, the more efficient it is in fuel consumption.

6. Easily identified

If by chance a plane crashes, a white fuselage makes it easy to spot from the sky for search and rescue purposes.

Photo credit: Google.

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