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Is This a Paradise! These Interior Pictures of Boeing 747 Aircraft Will Get Your Attention.

They say when you have Money you have everything! It's exactly as it is when you see the interior pictures of one of the best aircrafts in the World, the Boeing 747. I wonder if there is anything that could surpass the inside of this Strange Plane. Well, I've delve into the findings of this mighty aircraft. Let me introduce to you this wonderful Boeing 747.

The gigantic, efficient and ubiquitous Boeing 747 transport is a symbol of the most important aspects of progress in civil the agency: the democratization and globalization of travel.

At this current time, I can tell you that thousands of airline stations around the world are fully loaded with millions of people representing every country, all taking advantage of the availability of long-distance travel via flight. Boeing 747 has an Heavenlike Rooms.

In my own knowledge, I could depict that, the Boeing 747 symbolizes another era, when individuals like the chief of Pan American Airways, Juan Trippe and Bill Allen of Boeing could decide to undertake a task of great size and great risk -- and do so on their own, certain that their decisions would be approved by their boards of directors.

So, it was in 1965, around December that Trippe and Allen of the both aircraft's signed a letter of intent devoting over $525 million for 25 aircraft, whereby they are about to start the launching the largest airliner in history, the Boeing Model 747. The starting specifications called for a gross weight of 550,000 pounds, room for up to 400 passengers, a cruise speed of Mach .9, and a range of 5,100 miles, lots executive rooms, standard bathroom and toilet, conference meeting room among others.

Now let's see more intriguing photos:

So now guys, do you think this type of Aircraft can ever be made in Nigeria? Do you we have what it takes to design this Plane? May the Almighty God, the Lord of the Lords and the Lord of the Worlds provide for each and everyone of us and make us wealthy, so that we can be able to be like Bill, the owner of Boeing 747. It is easy for God to do, don't you believe?

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Boeing Pan American Airways Strange Plane


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