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See beautiful pictures of houses in Dubai

Different cities in the world are known for one art or the other.

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. With a population of about 3million people. It was actually a desert then. But look how beautiful it is now. The night view in the city is very lovely. It is known for its shopping malls, other tourist attractions. It stands out from other cities or places because of its lovely architectural structures. Its houses are simply outstanding and magnificent to behold. There are many types of buildings but Dubai really stands out when it comes to designs. The tallest building in the world is also in Dubai. It is actually a city that is very good in architectural designs.

Here are pictures of some of its houses:

Such lovely houses. Hope you enjoyed viewing these pictures. Please like and share with your friends and family. Thank you

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Dubai United Arab Emirates


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