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40 Pictures, Of The Most Beautiful Mosques in The World.

The Prophet said, there's such an honor on Friday, that if any Muslim make Du'a, in it Du'a, is definitely accepted.

Mosque is a place of worship for Muslims,

As you can see below these are 40 beautiful pictures of Mosques all over the world.

Al Majaz Park Mosque, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. (DUBAI).

The Prophet ''said.'' ''what is between the East and West is the QIBLA".

Zairat Sakhi, Kabul- Afghanistan.

Ortakoy Mosque, Istanbul Turkey.

A gorgeous city with its Galata Tower and Sultan Ahmet, Mosque Istanbul Turkey.

A masjid in Istanbul Turkey.

Just so Masha Allah

Al Noor, Mosque, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Turkey Istanbul

Sunset Over The Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Istanbul Turkey.

Masha Allah.

Masha Allah.

Sultan Ahmed, Mosque Istanbul

Sheik Zayed, Grand Mosque

Reflection Of Sheik, Zayed Mosque

The sheikh Zayed, grand Mosque center is located in Abu Dhabi, and the largest Mosque in the country.

Check the Unlimited Beauty, of one of the Most famous places in Abu Dhabi.

Masjid Shah Alam

Masjid Al Noor Sharjah.

Moscow, Cathedral Mosque, the main Mosque of Moscow and one of the largest and highest.

Heydar Mosque, Baku Azerbaijan.

Kul sharif Mosque.

A mosque in Russia.

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, in Selangor Malaysia.

Masjid Al Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Here is another beautiful view of Masjid Alnabawi Medina.

Best hangout to stroll in Medina after umrah.

May Allah accept all our Ibadat and make it easy for us in this duniya and the hereafter. AMEEN.

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Al Majaz Park Mosque Du'a Mosque Turkey United Arab Emirates


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