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Checkout The Sacred Crocodiles Of Agulu Lake In Anambra That Can Allegedly Hear And Speak To People (Photos)

Anambra State is renowned for its various tourism opportunities, in addition to its commercial lines and viability. Agulu Lake, home to hundreds of holy and revered crocodiles and other reptiles, is one of these tourist spots. Agulu is a large town located in the Anaocha local government area of Anambra State. It is bordered by the communities of Agukwu Nri and Nise to the north, Mbaukwu and Awgbu communities to the east, Adazi Nnukwu, and Obeledu to the west, and Aguluzigbo and Nanka communities to the south. It is made up of 21 villages, with the village of Umuowelle housing the lake of Agulu.

Agulu from Earth

On a flattened surface, hemmed all around by evergreen greenery, Agulu lake lies long, unassuming, and serene. At its southern edge, a river flows westward down to Onitsha, passing through many Anambra communities. The lake is a holy one and as such, it is strongly forbidden to perform commercial activities such as boating, trading, etc. Depending on the season of the year the color of Agulu lake varies. Due to the microbial activities of algae, it may be limpid, giving off a translucent hue or greenish. It is believed by the locals that Agulu Lake is a descendant of Idemili, the Python goddess who holds the water pillars in Anambra, veiled in eerie mysteries. The innocent but wrongdoers are never drowned by Agulu lake. It is also the underwater enclave of some hundreds of "Ezu Agulu." crocodiles.

Lake Agulu from the Planet

Only Ezemmuo, the custodian of the lake, may summon crocodiles. They are affable and down-to-earth and can not be poached as a result. Without being targeted, people will openly look at them. During the atrocious Nigerian civil war, it is also believed that these crocodiles supported the region. It was said that they had turned into beautiful ladies and lured the enemy soldiers into the water, drowning them. As I described above, there is a custodian on the shore, a chief priest whose dwelling is just beside the lake. He is the one who cares about the crocodiles. He takes care of them, feeds them, and carries out the rituals required to keep the lake healthy for tourists to come around for fun.

A documentary on Agulu lake was created by the Nigerian Television Authority, Abuja, in 2017. On YouTube, it can be downloaded. The mystery surrounding Agulu Lake was clarified in the documentary by the chief priest of the lake, Nze Ralph Obi. The crocodiles were according to him a totem for the people of Agulu. During the fierce battles of yesteryear, they were embraced by the people to defend the nation. He revealed that when he calls and responds, the reptiles hear. He jiggled a bell at the demonstration and three ferocious-looking crocodiles zapped at him. He hurled a cock at them that they delightfully devoured.

Nze Obi further claimed that in February, a festival to celebrate crocodiles is organized every year. They're untouchable crocodiles. Anyone seeking to hurt them never goes unpunished. The lake abhors evildoers like killers, spiritualists, robbers, etc. Any unclean feet that come close to the lake would not escape from the crocodiles being torn into pieces. Agulu Lake is currently a renowned tourist resort with a 5-star hotel. It was initiated by the administration of Peter Obi and the Obiano tenure is being finalized. For recreation and sightseeing, individuals troop to Agulu lake during festive seasons. Only by the mouth of the lake, there is a cultural center known as the Idemili cultural center, where people can enter to learn more about the lake and its sacred beasts.

See the recorded interview screenshots:

The Chief Priest

The chief priest jiggled his bell.

When he threw the cock into the lake

The crocodiles devouring the offering

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Other pictures of Agulu Lake and her Crocodiles:

more pictures of Agulu Lake

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