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See Some Of The Weirdest And Funny Superstitions Around The World

Morning my lovely readers, how was your night, hope you day is going smoothly? In today's article, I am going to be revealing to you some of the weirdest and wacky superstitions people seem to cling onto all around the world. It might be funny but at the same time, it is what people hold onto as part of their own belief.

The word Superstition has been derived from the Latin word Suspersticio. The word superstition was first used in English in the 15th century. Superstition which means excessive fear of the gods. However, the word superstition depends on how you want to define it. The modern dictionary defines it as belief in something that is beyond reason or some irrational fancy thoughts. There are some religious people who believe in this kind of superstition and carry with them their lucky coins and they also avoid walking on the sidewalks.

So guys, lets take a look at some of the weirdest and funny superstitions around the world.

1. USA - Superstition About Knocking On Wood

This is a common superstition that is believed by the people of USA. People believed that in the past, spirits and Pagans used to live in trees and by knocking on the trees, they can ask for any kind of forgiveness.

2. USA - Superstition About Breaking Of The Mirror

At present date, most people don't believe in this but it brings the feelings of comfort when hearing about this superstition. It was believed that the mirrors held in themselves soul of the person who looked into it. If the mirror is broken then the soul is also broken. People also believed that mirrors are magical things and it helps you see through the future and it should not be broken at any cost.

3. IRELAND - Superstition About The Magpie Bird

Ireland is known to be a land of superstitions as many other types of superstition have been taken from there. In Ireland, there is a bed called Magpie which is suppose to be an important Bird in all over British. There is even a rhyme made on this;

1. For sorrow

2. For joy

3. For a girl

4. For a boy.

People believed that seeing this noisy Bird is a sign of bad luck and it is also believed that if you open the door and if by chance you happen to see a Magpie Bird you will soon be dead.

4. JAPAN - Superstition Related To Death

Japan is a country that is fond of creating some best Ghost stories. Japan believes in many deathly curses. In Japan, it is believed that if you want someone to die, then you should write their name with red ink. Children are not supposed to cut their nails at night or they will die before their parents. One should not sleep with their head towards the North.

5. RUSSIA - Superstition Related To Roses, Knife, Spoon, Glass And Shaking Of The Hand

People in Russia are very superstitious. There is a belief that one must not give a beauque of flowers to anyone. Giving someone 10 roses is like cursing them. About Glass, it is believed that when a glass is dropped and it smashes, someone will wish you Goodluck. The dropping of a fork or knife means a mysterious man will arrive at your house. If it is a spoon, then women will arrive. Another weird thing is that they believe one should not shake hands over a threshold as it will bring bad spirits in the house.

6. THAILAND, BURMA, CAMBODIA, LAOS - Superstition About Making A Spirit House

Outside every house, office, hotel or building in these countries, a Spirit House is found and everyday, locals will offer the spirit house snacks and drinks like soda, meat and Rice. People believed that spirits also need a place to stay along with food and drinks. In Thailand, getting a haircut on Wednesdays is like inviting badluck and so all barbershops are closed on Wednesday.

7. AFRICA - Superstition About Pregnant Women Visiting A Zoo

In Africa, pregnant women must not visit the zoo, as it believed that if pregnant women do so, the baby will also end up looking like an animal.

So guys, these are some of the weirdest and whacky Superstitions from around the world. Hope you liked the article.

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