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Dubai would have been a helpless desert- until this Man made it beautiful, see photos.

Dubai has been one of the most beautiful city in the world.

It's also a city in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) known for it luxury shopping and ultramodern design.

Dubai has been an oil enhancing country which was found 50 years ago, with a records of one percent of its income. 

What makes the city of Dubai so rich? 

The leader of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, began putting resources into framework and finished its first airport in 1960 from credits adding up to many billions of dollars. 

The move away from oil led a lift in tourism, and the little oil Dubai inevitably found in 1966 went towards building the city we know today. 

Taking a look at the lovely urban communities in Dubai, did you ever wonder who is responsible for the developments.

Meet the legend who diverted Dubai from a normal desert into one of the most visited country over the Globe. 

See photos.

The world knows him to be Father of Dubai.

He is the principle purpose for Dubai unexplainable improvement over the couple of years. 

Sheik Rashid was the eighth leader of Dubai in the year 1958-1990 before he died. 

Sheik Rashid brought forth eight youngsters, four boys and four little girls. 

One of his male child known as sheik Mohammed uncovered the reasons behind his father achievement after his health began to deteriorate when his mother passed away in May, 1973.

He quotes.

"As if two spirits were isolated,

She took with her something from him" 

He further revealed how his father would sit on his Zabeel Palace's to see his city Dubai, which he worked with his perspiration, built with his thoughts, and yielded his days and evenings for it."

See photos of Dubai before and after developments.

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