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The Only African King Who Used Visa To Travel To Europe When He Was Already Dead

Pharaoh Rameses II of Egypt is on record as the only African King who has been issued visa to travel to Europe while he was dead.

Pharaoh Rameses was an Egyptian Pharaoh, who died more than 5000 years ago. In the course of excavation his Mummy was discovered, in one of the ancient pyramids and the Egyptian government, thought it wise to fly the Pharaoh to France, where The Mummy will be given some finishing touches, as to make it appear presentable.

The best location for this kind of job is in France, a country that is located in Europe. For the Mummy of Rameses II to be flown to France for correctional measures, it has to go buy air and for a human name to go through air into Europe, it has to be issued a visa which will enable that name to enter Europe legally.

That was why in 2018 the Egyptian authorities prepared a passport for the remains of Rameses II, who died more 5000 years ago and the visa was used to fly the Mummy of Rameses II into the European city of France.

Pharaoh Rameses II was born in 1302 BC and he ruled over Egypt for 66 years and became one of the oldest Egyptian pharaohs that lived.

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