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If You Like Having Fun, These Are The Top 5 Cities To Live In Nigeria.

Nigeria is full of fun and this is why many people can't stay so long in foreign lands before they come back home. This is also one of the reasons why this country is so attractive to many foreigners.

However, if you are a person that likes having fun and hates being bored, you will surely find something that will cheer you up anywhere you reside in this country, but these 5 cities are more recommended for you.

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Apart from the fact that it is the largest commercial center in Nigeria, and in West Africa as a whole. You will never get bored living here as there are many funny things, nice people and a laughable environment to cheer you up.

You are likely to get a connection that can help you grow faster because most of the successful people in the country live there.

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some people claim that this Nigeria's capital city is filled with gentle people who like to mind their business without being funny, but I disagree with them.

There are many fun things all around this capital city that you will like. beautiful environment. The weather there is cool. Also, there are many more there that can give you a nice time.

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Port Harcourt:

 exactly like Lagos, this city is the second commercial center in Nigeria and it is also filled with funny people that can do anything to put a smile on your face.

Your security is guaranteed there and this state also has a good number on the list of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. 

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Many of the naughty things you might like are forbidden in this city. But never panic. You will never get bored living there.

It is filled with nice, good people who are accommodating in nature. You can easily cope with them.

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this former capital city of Nigeria also follows the trend and can not be snubbed in this article. Calabar is beautiful and has cool weather that you will surely like.

Entertaining is very easy, because the residents of the city are blessed with nice food, well-organized tourist centers, and so on.

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