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Meet The Tribe Where Women Cut Off Their Fingers To Mourn The Death Of Their Family Members

Tradition and culture is such a beautiful thing to different tribes around the world. Culture is generally defined as the people's way of life and it varies from tribe to tribe. The world houses many tribes and most of the ancient tribes that have refused civilization are found in an isolated or remote region of a country. 

The Dani tribe are interesting set of people who believe in their own norms and culture. They are mostly found in the deep highland of Papua, New Guinea. The women of this tribe practice a culture known as Ikipalin. This tradition is such that the women of this tribe cut off their fingers to mourn the death of their family members. While many around the world go through emotional pain when they loose someone special, the women of this tribe undergoes physical pain as well as emotional pains. Sometimes, elderly women also bite off the fingers of the young female children when to mourn a special one. They believe that this tradition would help keep the spirit of the dead away from them.

The men of Dani tribe also cover themselves with sheath known as Koteka, beneath. The government's effort to get them civilized have been chattered on difference occasions. Dani tribe also preserve the body of their dead warriors. They mummify their body to achieve this culture and also good care of them.

The Dani people have attracted many tourist to their tribe with their way of life and traditions. They are one of the tribes around the world that have refused to welcome civilization.

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