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30 strange and unknown facts about the world that will amaze you

The earth is a planet which is the 3rd planet that is closer to the sun, the earth is oblate spheroid in shape, with a mass of 5.972 × 10^24 kg and a land mass of 510.1 million km² . The population of the earth was recorded as 7.594 billion people as at 2018(source:world bank),with China being considered as the most populated country with over 1.4billion people. The earth has 7continents with 195 countries and over 6500 languages are spoken around the world,in which mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in world with over 918million people. Asia is the largest continent in terms of land mass with over 17.2million square kilometers while Russia is the largest country with a land mass of 6.6 million square kilometers .

There are facts about the world which are considered strange and which is unknown to most people.

30 strange facts about the world are:

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