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A Story Of Marmaid You Probably Have Not Heard Before (Fiction)

A Story Of Marmaid You Probably Have Not Heard Before (Fiction) 

A long time ago, human beings interact freely with Marmaids. The humans regarded the mermaids as their ancestors who died and went to live in the sea. 

People used to take food to the Sea and if they sees any Marmaid, they would give them the food to eat. The mermaid in return caught fishes for the humans or direct them to where fishes they are hiding so the humans could catch them.

The Marmaids also invited the human beings to attend their different feasts in the sea. That was the case, when the Marmaids were having a masquerade festival.

One faithful festival of the Marmaids, after the celebration, and by the time the humans were to return from the Sea to the land, someone stole one of the masquerade and went to the land with it.

After the humans have left the sea, the marmaids checked and discovered that one of their masquerade was missing, they sent a messenger to the land to demand that whosever took the masquerade should return it or else.

The marmaids kept sending messengers but all to no avail, it wasn't returned to them. 

These marmaids became angry and resolved to kill anyng human being they see on the Sea. From then, the friendship between humans and marmaids ended. 

And they vowed to kill any human being they set their eyes on .

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