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Man Complains Size Of Bed In His Hotel Room After Paying N10,000 For A Night

It seems as though some hotels in Nigeria are no longer rendering services worth the amount they collect from their customers or even putting efforts in making their customers comfortable for a night. Just few weeks ago, a lady shared a negative review about a hotel she paid 25k for a night, stating how the price wasn't worth the service she got.

Now a young man has used Twitter as a means to complain about another hotel of which he didn't mention any names.

He said that he had paid 10k to spend a night in the hotel but getting to the room, he didn't find the bed big enough and he compared the bed to those which are used in school hostels because it was small and 2 people can barely sleep comfortably on it.

When he was asked where this hotel was located he said it was in Lagos

Looking at the bed, one would agree that it's very small and the young man was in his rights to complain about it. What if he wanted to spend the night with someone? I doubt they would sleep comfortably on the bed.

Please hotels out there need to put effort in satisfying their customers because they are paying for it. Rooms ought to meet the right standards.

Here are some Reactions after the young man complained of the room. While some Nigerians made jokes out of it, others were sorry about the whole thing, telling him he was cheated.

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