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Facts about Africa you probably never knew about

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Africa is the second largest continent after Asia.

Africa have a total of 54 countries.

Africa is home for about 1.225billion people, estimated to be about 19%of the total world population.

Africa is home for the tallest (giraffe) and biggest (elephant) animals.

Christianity is the most pratise religion in Africa.

Most people in Africa speak Arabic(170million) followed by English (130million) then french(115million).

The richest man ever lived was Mansa Musa of Mali,he was the tenth emporer of the Mali Empire, his net worth was in the range of $300billion to $400billion in adjusted dollars for late 2000s.

Africa is the second hottest continent ( after Continent Australia) with deserts and drylands covering about 60% of its land surface area.

Nigeria is the fourth biggest oil exporter in the world and Africa biggest oil producer with about 2.2million barrels produced daily.

The largest waterfall in Africa is the Victoria falls located between Zimbabwe and Zambia border. It has a height of 355feet and the width of the water falls runs into almost a mile.

The biggest city in Africa is Cairo, Egypt home to more than nine million people.

Madagascar is home to some exclusive wildlife especially the ring tailed lemur, it is also one of the largest island in the world, among the top 5.

The most followed person on Instagram in Africa is Mohamed Salah with about 30.6 million followers.

Mount. Kilomanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa.

Africa largest lake is the lake Victoria.

Africa produces at least 50% of the diamonds and gold in the world.

South Africa is home to the largest green canyon in Africa and the world known as blyde river canyon, third largest canyon in the world.

The Sahara deserts is the biggest desert in the world and it is bigger then the continental USA.

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