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The Disadvantages of being an air Hostess (Opinion)


I remember vividly when my little sister was younger, we asked her what she wanted to be in the nearest future and I recall her saying she wanted to be an Air Hostess. When asked why, she said it was because she loved the way air hostesses looked and dressed, they were always looking cute, they are well mannered and polite.

She said she loved their nature and will love to be one. Although she later became an Accountant, she still holds on to her small dreams of being an Air Hostess. 

Well, being an air hostess, is a very good thing, it has its perks(advantage) because you get to meet different people and see different places, plus the salary is very attractive. 

But like every other profession, it has its disadvantages, which we will be looking at today.

1. Most air hostesses encounter very rude passengers, some of these passengers are so rude and they talk to the air hostesses any how, and the air hostesses can’t complain or talk back because ‘customers are always right'. Some of them view the air hostesses as paid slaves.

2. Flirting:

 This has now become a common practise amongst passengers, some of them will not focus on their flights but instead will stay chiking the air hostesses, and they can’t complain. They have no choice but to just behave with courtesy towards these kind of people.

3. Rude Behaviour:

 Some passengers especially men, will like to start and gawk at the air hostesses, some will even go the extra mile and be tapping then at their b*m b*m.

4. Air Sick:

Most times, the air hostesses stand the chance of being air sick, and this is because they are exposed to different foods and weather. Just imagine you are a Nigerian and you are an air Hostess and one day you fly to China, how will you eat or even to Russia, how will you cope with the harsh weather

5. They have to deal with toddlers too:

Some parents travel with their toddlers and the air hostesses have to make sure that everything is in place and everyone is in place to prevent any form of damage.

6. If a passenger dies while on board, the air hostesses and the cabin crew will have to give eye witnesses account, and sometimes they may get involved in the legal mess.

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