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See The First Black Woman Ever, Who Has Traveled To All Countries In The World

Jessica Nabongo, from Uganda, she's the first black lady to travel around all 195 nations in the world. Just a few people have traveled all the 195 nations and just a few women are on the record. No woman from Africa has done this before. Nabongo Jessica will be the first-ever.

Her parents relocated to the United States, Jessica was born at Detroit City in Michigan. She makes use of both her American passport and Ugandan passports.

She began traveling when she was 6 years old, and she's now 35, she made her record when she entered Seychelles, the last nation on her schedule.

Nabongo just determined to take on the mission of traveling to all the nations in the world. She had visited 60 countries in 2017. She has thereafter traveled to 135 nations within two and a half years.

Nabongo’s trip across the planet has been a remarkable adventure on the continent of Africa, she visited her home in Uganda, encountering great surprises of love in South Africa, and a journey to Mali that terribly began but came out to be a fantastic adventure.

She said most nations were not difficult to enter when you find a local connection, and obtain the visa.

Jessica was born and brought up at Detroit, in Michigan, her parents are from Uganda. She obtained her undergraduate certificate in English literature at St. John’s University in New York City.

Few years after her university, she had a career in selling pharmaceutical products, she later traveled to teach english in Japan and obtained a degree certificate at the London School of Economics.

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