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The Mysteries Waterfall

The hilly town of oke ila is located in the Savannah rain forest in ifedayo local government area of osun state, the small town apart from being endowed with good climate; is good for agriculture practices, especially planting both arable and Cash crop . It's residents are mostly Farmers.

Ayinkunugba water falls is located in oke ila orangun ifedayo local government. The water fall is in the think forest and it is the opposite of olumirin water fall where you climb to appreciate it, but in ayinkunugba, people will descend to discover the wonderful work of nature, that is in the beautiful landscape of mountains,caves and trees.The water fall called ayinkunugba is about 15 kilometers away from the center of the town and about seventy feet from the base level

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The source of the fall is at the top of the rock which Cascades and spread round the area. Also at the base by the right side, is a cafe which has about seven room that can accommodate three people each .

Before one can get to the base of the fall, a visitor need to ascend about 260 staircase and do the same while climbing up, the staircase was erected by the community to make the movement up and down a little easier. Despite the stair , however only determined mind colud climb and ascend without much stress.Ayikunugba is a site to behold it's type is rare in this part of the world and it is a hidden wealth that is still waiting to be explored.if properly harnessed and maintained. It will not only serve as source of income to the state and the local government alone ,it will also attract the foreigners and tourists from all part of the world to oke ila and transform the economy of the town where an erudite scholar and first class monarch

This very water fall was discovered by a hunter who shot a strange animal called kunugba. The shot animal rolled down and the hunter searched but could not find it but discovered waterfall instead ever since then people have been trying to call the attention of government to it without much success.

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