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See some 7 most important places in Jerusalem and how they look today

Hello opera users, and welcome to another educative page on opera news hub.

Today, we are taking a look at 7 most significant places in Jerusalem that has its stories since ancient times.

Well, Jerusalem has been a place where huge number of people visit everyday. It has ancient stories traced to it from variety of religions with different beliefs about such places.

This article presents to you dear reader, some 7 most significant places in Jerusalem with traced ancient stories about them.

1. Haram AL-shariff

First on our list is the "Haram AL-Sharif" also known as temple mount.

It is indeed one of the holiest sanctuaries on earth. It is the site where Abraham offered his son up as sacrifice to God, where king Solomon built the first temple for the Ark of the Covenant. Also where Prophet Muhammad is said to have ascended into heaven during his early years of preaching islam.

2. Church of holy Sepulchre

Taking second place on this significant list is the Church of Holy Sepulchre, it is said to be the site where Jesus Christ was crucified. The site was chosen for the church building by Empress Helena, mother to Constantine the great during her tour to the holy land.

3. Via Dolorosa

This walkway follows the route Jesus Christ took towards His execution at Calvary after condemnation.

4. Mountain of Olives

Popularly known as "mount olives", this is said to be the place where God would be raising the dead to lifr on judgement day. This mountain is overloaded with churches, and it is also the oldest used cemetery site.

It id also known to be the place where Jesus Christ ascended to heaven after his death and resurrection.

5. Mount Zion

Number five on this list is the mount Zion hill, a small hill located immediately south of Old City's Zion gate.

It is believed to be the place where Mary mother of Jesus Christ spent her last years, and where Jesus Christ had his last supper.

6. Wailing wall and Jewish Quarter

The wailing wall Is the surviving original wall of Jerusalem's first temple. It is commonly called "wailing wall" due to the people's lament for the loss of the temple in AD 70.

7. The monastery of the Cross

It is a massive fortress-like bulk building called Monastery of the Cross.

This is said to be the place where Prophet Lot lived, and that the trees he is said to have planted in the surrounding are believed to have provided the wood for the Cross of Christ.

That is all for now, I believe you had a nice time going through some of the most important places in Jerusalem.

Do well to share with us, your opinion about this in the comments section of this article, have a blissful day, thanks.

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